Three Cheers For Wilko!

Wilkinson is a well known high street store here in the UK, colloquially known as Wilkos, they sell all sorts of household stuffs, bulbs to plug in and bulbs to plant, wallpaper to wallflowers…ok I think you get the picture!

A few weeks ago they cordially invited me to complete an online survey, my reward would be a chance to win a £100 gift voucher, I ignored that part because to be quite frank, I’ve never won anything in my life, good luck skipped a generation in my family! But I digress, back to the survey, I enjoy letting businesses know what I think about them, so I completed the survey, and never gave it any further thought.

Then I received an email, “Congratulations, you have won a Wilko £100 gift voucher!”. Now I’ve been on the interwebs since before websites were invented and I know a SPAM email when I see one, or do I? It slowly dawned on me that the email was legit, cue epic outbreak of ermahgerd-itis! After several minutes, I realised that Chris was getting increasingly exasperated and wanted to know what was going on, I took a deep breath…”Ermahgerd we’ve won a £100 gift voucher…ermahgerd, ermahgerd…” Chris is not known for extreme levels of excitement, or any level for that matter, I can’t remember if he actually said anything, Chris is quiet, Chris is reserved, Chris is bloke, he didn’t need to say anything, I knew he was chuffed!

I replied to Wilkos and asked if they could post the voucher to Waffle Towers and confirm that I could spend the voucher online as I’m virtually housebound. The wonderful lady replied and said that sadly their online ordering system would not be able to accept the voucher…HOWEVER…and it’s an epic HOWEVER, if I would let her know what I would like to order, she’d arrange for it to delivered. ERMAHGERD! This is not a level of customer service I’m used to, businesses are NOT this helpful, but this lady went above and beyond the call of duty and kept her word.

A few days later our goodies were delivered, a decorative item, a useful kitchen item, a vacuum cleaner and of course a large bag of wood pellet kitty litter for our beloved Smoky. Sadly the vacuum cleaner was really not suitable for purpose and was returned, we’re now waiting for a steam cleaner we chose instead.

The whole episode has left me quite shell-shocked, first I win a £100 gift voucher, which for me is an epic amount, then I get the goodies delivered, I still can’t believe how helpful and kind the Wilko staff are.

So I’d like you all to join me in yelling three cheers for Wilko!



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