Smoky Chills Out

Ever since he first moved in to Waffle Towers just over 2 years ago, Smoky has always been a nervy cat. As he came from a rescue centre we have no idea what the first 5 years of his life were like, he only ended up at the rescue centre because he was run over by a car, not just run over, but dragged for some distance down the road. He lost his back leg and most of his tail, the vet was very surprised that he survived at all.

It seems obvious to me that Smoky suffers from PTSD, well certainly a feline version, most of the time he’s fine, but sometimes when he hears a car, he looks very stressed out. Thankfully his stress symptoms are quite mild compared to some I’ve read about, and we’ve always done our best to make sure he lives in a happy relaxed environment.

I recently saw an advert on TV for Feliway which is a plug-in diffuser that allegedly helps cats with stress problems and thought I’d investigate further, although Smoky isn’t stressed all the time, it would be nice to have something to help him when he’s not feeling at his best. Before I buy any product I read endless pages, reviews and comments, and one thing about Feliway concerned me, it was the fact the product is based on pheromones:

Feliway® is a chemical copy of one of the feline facial pheromones (F3) used by cats to mark their territory boundaries. A cat rubbing its face on its environment releases this pheromone.

Maybe my concerns are unfounded, but I didn’t like the sound of using anything chemical, least of all something that mimics pheromones.

As I personally prefer to use natural herbal remedies, I did some further investigating and found a product called Pet Remedy, this uses natural ingredients including Valerian, Vetiver, Basil and Sweet Sage, in low doses. So I chose to order a diffuser.

The diffuser arrived earlier so it’s only been plugged in for a few hours, so it is going to be a while before I notice any difference…right now Smoky is on the windowsill watching the world go by, or considering the fact it’s dark out, probably on the look out for owls or bats! I shall do a follow up for this post in due course, good or bad, or indifferent, for now I shall end with one of the first pics we took of Smoky, doesn’t look too stressed does he?!




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