Steampunk Waffle

When you get really powerful power tools, you just can’t wait to use them. No surprise then, that Shana was eager to have another go with our new steam mop.

Today’s unwitting victim of Wafflesteam was our virtually antique sofa. It’s an unassuming green two-seater with all the usual extras that are the hallmark of a quality settee. Like little nooks and crannies to hide your biscuit crumbs and unwanted five pound notes, and enough room underneath so you can lose coins for up to two years (depending on your preferred frequency of vacuuming).

Shana topped up the 350ml water reservoir with water (well, what else?) and was soon working merrily away, creating great clouds of gushing steam that filled the air. It was like being around the bubbling hot springs in Yellowstone Park. Or perhaps some evil scientist’s laboratory.

Water bubbled, steam whooshed, and Shana battled on, determined to get rid of two hundred years of accumulated compacted dust.

And then the red warning lights flashed on the steamer and Shana declared she needed a refill. Of tea!

The steamer had done its job though. The cloth cover of the unholstery attachment was a totally different colour to how it had started. And so was the sofa. Smoky came down from his afternoon nap and, like us, could tell the difference immediately. He padded round the front and sides of the sofa, sniffing for all he was worth. Alas, if he had hidden any cat snacks under the cushions, they will have been steamed into oblivion by now. Tough gig, being a cat, isn’t it? He should try being a sofa though. It’s a life of luxury!


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