Imps match off due to sauna blaze

We’re not big fans of football, but we do like to keep up to speed with how our local (non-league) team are doing. Last weekend their Saturday afternoon match against Eastleigh was postponed. ‘You’ll never guess why?’ said Shana, who had found the story online and was reading and re-reading it with glee bordering on mirth.

‘Oh, I dunno,’ I said, trying to think back to what last weekend’s weather had been like (windy, perhaps?) and remembering that I hadn’t actually heard a forecast for about ten days. ‘How about a waterlogged pitch?’ I suggested.

‘Nope!’ said Shana. ‘It was cancelled because of a fire?’

‘A fire?’ I said. ‘What fire? Where?’

‘In the sauna!’ said Shana.

Well anybody’s mind would boggle when hearing a story like that. But it’s true. The Imps (the nickname for our local side…although they do have other unofficial ones 🙂 ) were evacuated from their hotel because of a fire in the sauna. And they were unable to go back in to collect their boots in time for the match, which will now be played at a later date. If that little incident doesn’t make it onto the BBC’s A Question of Sport, then frankly, there’s no justice.


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