The strange tale of the cat who snored loudly

If you ever come past Waffle Towers, reember to do one thing: look up.

Why look up? Well, first of all it will distract your eye from the ultra-modern recycling dumpsters that are stationed just round from the entrance. The entrance to the main block where our humble-crumble abode is located, is, of course at street level (unless you’re levitating, that is. In which case, feel free to tap on the upstairs window and we’ll let you in for tea and biscuits, such is our generosity to our readers.)

Anyhow, the communal entrance does lack both kerb appeal and any kind of ‘wow’ factor. So yes, look up, and you won’t notice any of that. OK?

But the main reason for looking up at Waffle Towers is that you may see a long line of zeds (or ‘zees’ if you prefer) floating from the chimney.

This wafting of ZZZZZZZZzzzzz’s is a clear sign that someone below is sleeping. (Just like in the cartoons, isn’t it?)

And that someone will be our dear old furry critter, Smoky.

Smoky has a super-soft mini-bed. Crocheted specially for him by Shana, the bed is circular, brown and orange, and about twenty inches in diameter. And it is tucked against the wall at the foot of the chimney breast that divides the living room from the library/dining room.

And when Smoky is on his little bed, quite often he snores! (Yes, cats do snore, just like humans do.)

And he snores so loudly at times that we are convinced his snoring will carry through a small air vent close to his bed, and then up the chimney flue and out into the wider world, where it will surely be amplified like the sound from a bugle, and will be heard by all the other cats within a half mile radius.

Perhaps, in his own way (his snores do vary in pitch and volume while he sleeps) he is sending out secret communications. A kind of KittyMorse code, telling other cats that this is his territory and no-one else’s. Perhaps that’s why we never see any cats on our roof? It’s a thought, anyway…

So if you’re passing, remember to look up and see if you can detect a faint trace of cat zeds up there.

Failing that, you should have no trouble hearing the walls reverberating. Gee, is he loud or what! 🙂


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