Mince pies? What mince pies?

Many times the world has had to cope with a crisis. The Great Depression in America in the 1930s, The Cuban Missile crisis in the 1960s, and the entertainment world’s anxiety over the early exit of antique presenter Tim One o’ Clock from this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, to name but three examples.

But all these pale into insignificance when compared with the Waffle Towers Mince Pie Crisis of 2014.

Yes, we are obliged to go to the local shop tomorrow, which is, let me see… (Wednesday is Christmas Eve, so Tuesday must be Christmas Eve Eve…so that means tomorrow, Monday, must be…) Christmas Eve Eve Eve!

And why must we go to the shop? Because, with only four days to go till Christmas, we still haven’t had any mince pies. Not a single one. So guess what we’ll be stocking up on tomorrow:

Yep, milk. 🙂

(Ohm and maybe half a dozen boxes of mince pies as well.)


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