The Dark Side of Grocery Shopping

We always do our grocery shopping online, it’s cheaper than running around in taxis but it does have its limitations. Quite often even the most basic of foods are not available and Chris can oft be heard mumbling into his cuppa, “I bet they’ve got the products instore…”.

Well it now appears that many of the major supermarkets are no longer servicing online orders from their stores, they are opening what are known as (cue Star Wars music!), Dark Stores…at this point my imagination got the better of me…

Dark Side Tesco


2 thoughts on “The Dark Side of Grocery Shopping

  1. Shana Rae

    It’s been quite a disaster, not just the problems with several major stores, but the parcel companies are a week behind with deliveries, Xmas orders should arrive sometime next year!! Maybe Tesco should send them some Dark Side cookies! πŸ˜‰


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