Allotment Agents

Telly schedules are constantly changing, so it’s inevitable that some of our favourite programmes sometimes take a break for a while. But what to replace them with? That’s the question. It helps if, like Shana, you can think outside the box…

…or perhaps totes outside the realms of even the fuzziest of logic, which is what happened this evening.

Agents of Shield has finished till Spring,” said Shana, “but at least the Big Allotment Challenge is back next week.”

“Er, are you trying to suggest that one of the judges on Allotment might be an undercover member of Hydra?” I said. “Sorry. Not quite working for me, that.”

“No, what I meant was…” Shana began, but then fizzled out as she realised the possibilities and implications of a sort of merger show between Shield and Allotment. A bit like when all the various CSI shows do crossover episodes. Only with more of an emphasis on outsized vegetables.

Oh well, at least it’s only the Big Allotment Challenge that’s returning. Could have been worse. Could have been the Great British Sewing Bee! Meanwhile, Shana’s assignment for the week will be to compare and contrast, as convincingly as possible, the ninja fighting skills of both Claudia Winkleman and Shield’s Agent May. Yeah I know: far too easy 🙂



Silly me! Of course those fine upstanding judges on the Big Allotment Challenge are not secretly working for Shield’s arch-rivals Hydra. As I’m sure you guessed, I meant to say Hydrangea.


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