The Great Sofa Makeover

Call us slow on the uptake if you like (oh, you already did…) but sometimes, despite our abundance of intellectual prowess, we do take a long time to figure otu apparently simple things.

Take our sofa, for example. We bought it about ten years ago. It’s a heritage model (ie, some Edwardians and Victorians owned it before us 🙂 ) but we reckon it’s loads better than those modern ones. The sofa we had before (when we lived at Waffle Cottage) was a three-seater with foam cushions. It looked good but wore out quick. Maybe we sat on it too often. Who knows.

Our current sofa may only be a two-seater (a coupe, if you prefer) but it has a sturdy frame and proper comfy horsehair-filled cushions. It’ll probably outlast us.

But for a long time now, I’ve often complained that my cushion has slid forward, and I frequently have to readjust my seating position. Shana’s the same.

The sofa has bun feet (I think that’s what you call them) on the front. But strangely it has none on the rear. We didn’t think it made much difference. Yesterday though, I grabbed a couple of wood offcuts out of the shed. Only the thickness of a shelf, but enough, I suggested, to try wedging under the back of the sofa where we assumed its original feet would have been. Result: a vast improvement. No more shuffling and shifting about, and no more having to get up every hour to shake the cushions up.

Such a simple solution.

So why did it take us the best part of a decade to work it out? That’s two World Cups and two Olympicses, for goodness’ sake.

There’ll be no stopping me now though. Now I’ve raised the back of the sofa, so we’re no longer in the same kind of laid-back sitting position of a rider on one of those big American chopper motorbikes, there’s only one more thing to do…

I’ll have to raise the front again. Only this time I’ll tweak the suspension and see if I can’t get our sofa to behave like one of those lowrider cars. To complete the image, I must then acquire a baseball hat, wear it back to front, and punctuate all my sentences with rapper-style hand gestures.

On second thoughts, perhaps we’ll keep the bun feet as they are. A stable sofa means much less chance of spilling one’s tea. Some things in life are more important than mere style 🙂


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