Wrinkle Free Waffle

I don’t wear make-up, neither do I waste money on expensive beauty products, good old-fashioned Palmolive soap and water works well enough for me.

But when I received a free sample of Garnier Miracle Skin Cream I thought I’d give it a try, the packaging says:

“Instantly skin looks rested. On first contact illuminating pigments instantly erase dullness: fine lines and dark circles”

Ah, dark circles, I’ve got a few of those…but before I could slap the contents of the tube on my face I discovered this statement at the end of the instructions:

“Avoid eye area”

Now unless I’m mistaken, dark lines appear around the eye area, well they do on my face…so how am I supposed to apply the cream? I guess I’ll have to apply it to the back of my head and hope it migrates round to the front!

Methinks I’ll be sticking to soap and water!


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