Any sisal do


This is our cat, Smoky, butting in (oops, unfortunate expression that, given the sometimes overgenerous proportions of his rear end πŸ™‚ )on Shana’s latest crochet design. Fantastic, don’t you think? Especially those magnificent whiskers!

The crochet isn’t too shabby either. Shana put lots of work into getting it just right.

But anyway, back to Smoky…

Those whiskers don’t get like that just by chance, you know. And as for that lovely soft fur and beautiful tabby markings. It’s all down to Shana’s daily (yes, daily) brushing regime. After morning coffee, Smoky plants himself at Shana’s feet, next to a little side table. In the drawer at the bottom is Smoky’s very own brush. Shana takes the brush from the drawer and Smoky then parks himself on her knee until he is once again in tip-top condition.

He makes a point of pushing each side of his face firmly against the bristles. A cat’s whiskers are anchored by lots of tiny muscles, so I guess he enjoys having his whiskers brushed.

Which is fine…

Just so long as he doesn’t start demanding, like an eminent Victorian gentleman with a walrus moustache, to have his whiskers…


And now (at last) back to the crochet

I joked to Shana earlier (well, half joked) that as we now have to cater to Smoky’s every need (Wash my bowl, brush my fur, comb my whiskers etc etc) that she might just as well make a pair of sisal leggings. That way, one’s kitty could follow us about and we could be a human on-demand scratching post. Apparently, Shana could turn her ninja crochet skills to making a pair. Get the pattern here if and when it happens πŸ™‚ I’ve got my name down for some. Any size’ll do.


Did I mention Smoky’s magnificent whiskers? Oh, all right. Just checking…


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