Let There Be Light!

On nearly every property show we watch on TV, the prospective buyers or renovators always say they want a house with big windows and lots of light, open spaces and airy, with emphasis on LIGHT!

What puzzles me is why after being so insistent on LIGHT, they often install kitchens with black granite worktops and black tiles, that’s not very light!



Even worse, some of them install black bathrooms, would you want to have a nice relaxing bath in the black hole of Calcutta??!! And imagine if the power went out…or there was a spider running across the floor…



The latest fad seems to be for something called Metro Tiles, everyone appears to be using them. Apparently they are so called because they’re like the tiles used in the underground…oh and they come in black too!!

metro tiles



To me they look more like the tiles used in Victorian toilets, which is not the the ideal image to have in mind when cooking, though it may be appropriate for the bathroom!!

victorian toilet



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