High cat


In just over a month, Smoky will be eight years old. But in his own mind he’s still a kitten. So we got him an early birthday present, and here he is trying it out.

His first cat tree (that’s what these things are usually called) comprised a floor level box with entry and exit, a low level scratching post with platform, and a high level scratching post again with a platform on top. Attached to one corner of the top platform is a rattly fur-covered ball on a length of elastic cord. Smoky likes to whack this with all his kitty might.

The overall height of Cat Tree No. 1 is 27 inches. Good, but not exactly a dizzying height.

Smoky’s new toy, Cat Tree No. 2, is a German design, much more stable and solid. And the very highest seat (which we have dubbed ‘the crow’s nest) is about 38 inches above the floor. A full eleven inches more than tree number one.

For metric kitties, that’s a whole 965mm above the axminster.

At that altitude, most cats would need oxygen or at least a period of acclimatisation 🙂

Smoky, however, takes it all in his three-legged stride. He even dared to dive off the crow’s nest this afternoon. I don’t know who was more nervous: me or him?

Just as a precaution though, we might have to get the little fellow a skid lid.


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