America? Never heard of it!

Shana was reading from an online customer review about a certain electrical product. For various reasons, mostly involving avoiding getting sued into oblivion, I shall not name or even hint at what that product might be. Here’s the relevant bit, though. According to Shana, the reviewer had complained that the product, although being sold in Britain, would not work unless it had a ‘USA plug’.

‘What’s that?’ I said. ‘I’ve heard of a USB plug, but I’ve never heard of USA.’

Shana looked at me as if I were dippy going on simple. ‘USA,’ she explained, ‘stands for “United States of America”.’

‘Ohhhhhh,’ I replied. ‘That USA.’ And to be perfectly frank, a more sheepish grin was ne’er seen outside the finals of One Man And His Dog.

‘Shana,’ I said. ‘I know it’s not April Fools Day till tomorrow. But do you think I could have an advance, something to carry forward on my April Fools balance sheet, as it were?’

‘By all means, said Shana (and you may join in here if you like, as I suppose I deserve it)…



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