Make fancy bows with this fantastic new tool

We recently saw a little plastic bow maker on telly. I thought it was quite neat, but Shana, who is much less easily impressed than I, was not impressed.

‘It looks like one of my old afro combs,’ she said, skilfully llinking to a page of Google images even as she uttered the words.

But I knew I could go one better. You see, sometimes Shana’s problem is that she just doesn’t think BIG enough 🙂

And so off I chuckled to the shed. And I snuck back into the house with something that I  could use to make truly fantabulous bows. Yes, a lawn rake!

So, lazies and gentlemen, I give you…

The Lawn Raker Bow Maker

Biggest bow I made was the big soft pink one, weighing in at just under nine inches.

The smallest was the little green one, which was just under an inch.

Now, even real blokes can make bows with proper blokey tools 🙂

One thing I shall definitely not be doing though, is raking the lawn with Shana’s afro comb. I mean, how daft do you think I am?


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