Cooking With Magnets

We’ve gone all hi-tech and bought a new-fangled Induction Hob, I’d been considering buying one for years but wasn’t convinced I could cook on something that didn’t have knobs to twiddle!

Although this model does have lots of pre-set options, I shall be using the manual option until I learn to control the beast. The first simple test we did was to boil some water…fill pan, place on ring…OMG it almost boiled instantly, to say I was a wee bit flabbergasted would truly be the understatement of the century!

There is only one downside to the hob, you need a magnetic bottom…on your saucepans! Fortunately most of ours have this essential requirement, so as they say on a certain TV show…Ready, Steady, Cook!

[Insert obligatory generic pic of Hob with trendy looking couple to impress readers]



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