I don’t care what the weatherman says

Most entertaining weather forecast on telly? For my money, it has to be the week-long forecast on the BBC’s ‘CountryFile‘. Even now, with all the world’s 21st Century scientific know-how at their disposal, forecasters still struggle to predict anything very meaningful further than about four days ahead.

But what we like about the Countryfile approach isn’t the accuracy. It’s the dress code. After the main news bulletin, the weather, both local and national, is presented by people in more or less formal attire. On Countryfile though, the same presenter returns, only this time they are usually wearing jeans. We, however, are no more fooled than when we see world leaders wearing similar casual clothes, as they try to pretend they have the ‘common touch’.

With its relaxed attitude to clothing, we also feel the Countryfile weather forecast has a more nonchalant feel than any other forecast. It’s like a kind of Hey, weather’s gonna happen: deal with it sort of vibe. Or to put it another way…

Monsoon? Meh!
Cyclone? C’est la vie 🙂
Hurricane? What hurricane?

Oops, I forgot, that one really happened once a few years ago. Maybe if Michael Fish had been wearing flip-flops and a Hawaiian shirt, nobody would have minded. Then again…


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