Tall. Dark. Stranger.

I put the tea leaves out in the bin on a regular basis. Well, it’s the only decent thing to do really, Can’t have half a ton of them sitting on the draining board for ever, now can I?

It’s all because we’ve switched over to making tea with ‘real’ tea leaves, instead of those ‘orrible tea bags we used to buy. Tea bags are often made of types of plastic and, as we have found out, loose tea is much more satisfying to drink. The problem remains though, of what to do with the tea leaves. In theory we could compost them, but we don’t have a compost heap. So their final destination has always been the dumpster.

But then Shana had one of her brainwaves.

‘Why don’t you save them up and sell them on a wholesale basis to fortune tellers?’

Genius! I don’t know why it had never occurred to me before. But it all makes sense now. It would save those poor seaside soothsayers having to drink copious amounts of tea just so they could look at the bottom of the cup to divine someone’s future. With this great new business opportunity Shana had unearthed, fortune tellers up and down the country would be able to churn out divinations every five minutes simply by swirling a teaspoonful of our used rosy lee in an old china mug. No need for boiling kettles, waiting for the brew or any of that nonsense.

Or for bulk consultations, they could tip a kilo of leaves into an old bucket and get the entire day’s work over and done with even before lunchtime.

Fancy a cuppa, anyone? 🙂


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