Cardboard needles, the amazing new invention!

Necessity, as someone once said, is the mother of invention. Once again, the old saying has been proved true. The necessity, in our case, began with the need to try and stay cool in the short spell of searing temperatures that coincided with this year’s Wimbledon fortnight. It may be a gruelling test of stamina to play tennis in near forty degree heat, but let me tell you it ain’t a lot easier sitting on the sofa just watching those matches in what, in our area, was over thirty degrees.

It would have been better if we had been able to throw the windows wide open.

But we couldn’t, because we are the proud owners parents servants of Smoky, an eight-year-old indoor cat.

Indoor cat he might be (he shows not the slightest inclination to venture outside even when the main door is open) but if he were to see a fully open window right next to his favourite windowsill seat, we reckon he might just decide to convert to the outdoor life.

Not a good decision when you are in a first floor living room. (And yes, I know cats are supposed to always land on their feet. But little Smoky only has three legs, so his landing abilities are not so good.)

Here’s where the invention bit comes in. We want to keep the window open even with a possible self-defenestrating kitty in da house.

We need some form of barrier at the window. And we believe netting would do the trick. Netting fixed to a lightweight frame and placed close to the window opening.

As I already have an interest in knots, I looked into making our own net. Not too difficult, as it turns out, but one tool in particular is pretty well essential: a netting needle.

We have sent for some netting needles by post, but, this being Olde Englande, they may take a little while to arrive, as in these parts the postman still gets around on a penny farthing bicycle (am fighting the urge to go back and delete the ‘h’ for comic effect 🙂 ).


While I wait, I have been improvising my own netting needles out of sturdy cardboard (I always knew those old cat food boxes would come in useful). They are not always robust but, despite being a bit rough around the edges, they do work at least some of the time. Will post pics of xome completed netting in due course. Meanwhile, I continue practising…


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