A hammock for Barbie

My prowess in the art of making nets is increasing every day. I have now managed (with no errors) to create a hammock for Shana’s Barbie doll.

Don’t ask…

On second thoughts, ask away πŸ™‚

Anyway, for the technically minded, I used an appropriate pink shade of cotton yarn, plus of course the netting needles that arrived over the weekend (big thank you to Shana for ordering them) and which have made netting so much easier. And last but by no means least, a mesh stick fashioned from a cut out bit of an old cat food box. Well, I can’t be high-tech all the time, can I?

The hammock started with two rows of six meshes and then increased by one on every row up until twelve. Then I did four or five rows of twelve meshes, before decreasing in ones back down to a final couple of rows of six.

My next netting project may be a bit smaller. I was thinking of a hairnet for Barbie. To go with the hair rollers. Because I think the Ena Sharples look would suit her to a t πŸ™‚


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