Waffle exclusive: Orkney islands have new flag!

New knowledge crops up in the most unexpected places and you never quite know where you might learn new and surprising things. Take the Scottish gardening show, Beechgrove Garden, for example. There we were, this lunchtime, enjoying one section of this week’s programme where presenter Carol Baxter visited a garden on the Orkney islands. The vegetables and flowers are contantly battered by winds nudging the top of the Beaufort scale and beyond. Yet somehow they thrive.

Being a bit of a flag anorak though, I was drawn to the occasional shots of a flag that seemed to be striving to break free of its flagpole and wing its way towards the Arctic circle. At first I thought it was the flag of Norway, but was not sure why the gardeners would be flying it.

Then a brief close-up revealed that the edges of the blue cross were yellow (‘fimbriated or’ as the heraldry jargon would say) and alas this design was not in my usually trusty book of flags.


Thanks to Shana’s investigative skills and the ubiquitous Wikipedia, we now know that this has been Orkney’s flag since 2007. Let no-one say I don’t keep up with current events. I just keep up with them at my own pace 🙂


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