It is a well known characteristic of many cats, that they love to explore cardboard boxes. Our slightly deranged eight-year-old three-legger, Smoky, is no exception to this rule. What appeals most about cardboard, whether corrugated or plain, is still a matter hotly (or at least tepidly) debated here in the Waffle household. Is it the special cardboardy smell, or the rough-yet-smooth feel of cardboard on his paws, or perhaps the sound it makes against his fur as he arranges himself in the most comfortable position?

Smoky is also a huge fan of paper, especially tissue paper, which he delights in rustling and batting with his paws. We have yet to test his reaction to toilet tissue. Maybe we should let him have a roll of it. He might be the world’s first Andrex cat! (Move over, puppy, your time is up πŸ™‚ )

The one difference with Smoky and boxes is (it’s a little embarrassing this) that he insists on trying to shoehorn himself into the very smallest ones possible. No matter what the size of box, there can be only one response: Yes, Smoky, your kitty derriere does look big in that. Next question? πŸ™‚


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