Cardmaking for the artistically inclined

We were watching one of the hundreds of telly shopping channels on Freeview recently. I forget which channel exactly, but I clearly remember the subject.


Top tip: if you’re planning on buying a birthday or Christmas card for either of us, eventually they will end up in the Wafflebin. Over the years we’ve each had some lovely cards, whether comical (my favourite), or featuring snappy typography, or with tasteful pictures of golfers (I don’t golf), anglers (I don’t angle), or racing cars (I no longer race at the Formula 1 level 🙂 ) (Yeah, it’s tough finding suitable cards for Blokes, isn’t it?) But if I’d kept every card I ever received, I’d be buried under a layer of cards many feet deep.

The same, I suspect, happens to a lot of the more craft-oriented cards out there. And it’s a shame, because a lot of work goes into some of them.

And on this cardmaking demonstration I saw, there was layer upon layer of stuff being added to the card being made.

‘If John Constable or Leonardo de Vinci-caprio were here now,’ I observed, ‘I bet they’d jump on the bandwagon and start layering up their stuff. Imagine, the Mona Lisa with ten layers of faces, half a ton of ribbon, and not forgetting a pthy sentiment to boot. It’d be a lot more memorable than that plain effort they’ve got in the Louvre, wouldn’t it?’

Needless to say, Shana agreed. (Don’t know why I said it then 🙂 )

Anyway, here’s my take on how John Constable might approach the matter, were he to come back as a card maker instead of a two-bit landscape artiste. Much better than the original, don’t you agree?



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