Early morning snail

I had just started giving the breakfast pots their morning ablutions and decided some fresh air was in order. I therefore reached to shove the kitchen window wide open.

Lucky it wasn’t too chilly a morning today; otherwise, I might have pulled the window shut instead, giving it a healthy slam (to counteract inertia, of course 🙂 )…

…which would not have been in the best interests of this morning’s visitor, who may well have been dislodged in the process.

‘Come here quickly!’ I called to Shana. ‘And bring the camera too!’

She need not have rushed, though. Our visitor was in no hurry.


‘At least you won’t get any motion blur taking this picture,’ I said. ‘And there’s no need for a stopwatch feature either.’

Just then, our snail visitor, twenty feet above ground on the grimy ledge at Waffle Towers, chose to make a break for it, like a hoodlum fleeing a bank heist. You could almost hear the screech of tyres.

Or perhaps not.

‘He’s beating a hasty retreat,’ I persisted, lamely. And with that, our little snail made his way to the corner of the outer ledge, where he tucked himself in, out of the way of hungry birds, and settled down to wait for the safety of evening before slithering off, presumably trying to get himself onto as many people’s blogs as possible.



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