Return of the snails

The snail that we saw outside our kitchen window a few days ago has come and gone several times since featuring on this blog. Not sure whether he (or she) is doing a daily commute down the front wall and off to an office somewhere, or if our snail is that rarest of rare rarities…

…a homing snail!

No sign of Snaily this morning though. At least, not the usual one. Instead, we were faced with Baby Snail 🙂 And Shana got these amazing pictures, and even found time to arm wrestle the little fellow as well. Notice how Baby Snail has her in a ninja-style finger hold.

We have yet to identify which species of snail either of our recent visitors may be. Perhaps we shall just give them pet names, as each one is a little character in its own right. I wonder what on earth they must think of us.


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