Cat vs. wool: who will win?

As I mentioned in a recent post, we are making some festive decorations (about which, more in due course) and one item we received the other day to help with this, was some wool. Pure wool, so fresh off the sheep that some of it still had the ‘Baa‘ attached 🙂

Smoky likes wool. Actually, he likes most yarn, even acrylic. But, as a kitty of taste, he is fond of wool.

And there was poor unsuspecting Shana merrily snapping away, taking pictures of her new wool…

…and it was not till she examined the photos more closely, that she noticed Smoky on his window seat, pretending to stare at the building site across the road, while all the time sneaking furtive glances at what he believes are his latest…


And here, lest ye doubt, is the evidence:



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