The mountain of surprise

We were watching an old episode of the property show Escape To The Country this afternoon. ‘Where are we searching today?’ the presenter asked at the beginning, before offering a few obvious clues to poor befuddled viewers. Naturally, being quiz geniuses, we got the answer right away. ‘Somerset!’ I yelled. And was delighted to hear the solution as…

Derbyshire. (Oh well, there were no prizes anyway 🙂 )

The action (no, too strong a word for Escape, due to lack of car chases etc) kicked off near Edale, which is near the start of the Pennine Way, one of England’s oldest footpaths. Walkers begin their trek at a mini-mountain called Kinder Scout. That’s not pronounced ‘kinder’ in the sense of more caring, but to rhyme with ‘hinder’, as Kinder Scount is there as a ploy to slow down or discourage the less committed walkers. People, I suppose, like me. But not like Shana.

‘I’ve climbed Kinder Scout,’ said Shana.

‘Er, I think you mean you scaled it,’ I said. ‘In preparation for your Everest expedition.’

‘Yes, but not many people can say they climbed it, as I did, at the age of eleven,’ said Shana, who is probably a distant relation of the Staffordshire Sherpas.

‘I know something about Kinder Scout that you don’t though, ‘ I said. ‘And I’ve never been anywhere near it.’

‘What’s that?’ said Shana.

‘Well, at the summit there is apparently a giant plastic toy,’ I said. ‘So I guess that must be the Kinder Surprise!’


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