Waffle Towers flooded in freak accident!

Maybe the title is a bit too dramatic, but we did have quite a crisis this morning. Our dearly loved washing machine has been making a noise that sounds like we’re washing boulders not clothes, so an executive decision was made to replace it, well it is over 11 years old!

The new machine arrived this morning, and as I’ve plumbed in machines before, I wasn’t worried about my ability to plumb the new one in. I dived headfirst under the sink and turned the cold supply off, then the hot, disconnected the cold pipe…then the hot and that is when it all went horribly wrong. The hot valve didn’t turn off and I ended up having my second shower of the day, (the first shower was planned, I hasten to add). It’s all a bit of a blur what happened next, I vaguely remember Chris yelling something about turning off the water, and me running upstairs to find stopcocks to turn off, and then standing there, dripping wet wondering how such a simple task could go so badly wrong!

A quick call to the corporation plumber soon sorted things out, he fitted a new valve, I plumbed the machine in, and am relieved to report it works. It’s just a basic machine, I didn’t want one that resembled the cockpit of an aircraft and required a degree to use it, one simple dial and an on/off button is quite enough for me!



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