Why Black Friday means no more than toilet rolls

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as happy as anyone else when it comes to nabbing a genuine bargain. But when it comes to joining  an endless queue of shoppers, crammed like sardines in a supermarket aisle and risking fights breaking out at any moment, you can count me out. Both Shana and I  agree on that.

We’ve never seen the appeal of camping out in subzero temperatures just to get a games console on New Year’s Day either.

But when any mention of the so-called ‘Black Friday’ shopping mall (maul?) events occurs on television, we simply turn to each other and say ‘Toilet rolls’, and we know exactly what we’re referring to.

It was getting on for ten years ago. We used to pop into Tradex, a trade warehouse close to where we used to live. Very handy for cheap snacks, and household items like tins of paint or stuff for the garden.  One day, on our way into town, we thought we’d call in for some discounted toilet tissue that we’d probably seen advertised on a Tradex flyer.

Everyone else in the Universe had, however, had the same idea.

And when we saw the queues inside, and (most amazingly) people crossing the car park with trolleys piled to the gunwales with nothing else but packs of toilet rolls, we decided it really wasn’t worth waiting up to half an hour amongst such a crowd, just for a couple of rolls of paper.

‘How desperate must people be?’ we wondered aloud. Maybe there was a vindaloo festival on somewhere and those canny shoppers were just being prepared.

Or maybe it was just greed gone bonkers. 🙂  Put simply, it was a classic symptom of consumer madness.

If you’ve any sense, you’ll avoid Black Friday and wait till it’s all died down. Then go shopping nice and calmly on Satur…ooh, hang on, I just heard there’s 2p ofpacks of loom bands at the Co-op!!! Sorry, must go. Back later…..


3 thoughts on “Why Black Friday means no more than toilet rolls

  1. Mr Night Owl and myself are in total agreement with you 🙂
    Neither of us can work out why people listen to advertisements, especially if it involves queuing up for any length of time for something we don’t actually need.
    But I guess that’s where consumerism raises it’s ugly head, and cons people into thinking they won’t be happy until they’ve bought the latest whatever-it-is! :/
    We worked it out early on in our marriage that, if we don’t use something for a year and a week, then it’s not necessary to our lives – Keep Life Simple has definitely become our motto [except for books and yarn for me, and hunting and fishing equipment for hubby – but we consider these necessities for our mental health, so they don’t count! Lol] 🙂

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  2. Wise words from the Owls, most definitely. Er, I have a garden fork and a couple of trowels I’ve not used for a long time. Looks like the dumpster will be getting full soon. I keep a small jar of marbles in the house though, so that if anyone says I have ‘lost my marbles’ I can fetch the jar and prove them wrong 🙂


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