A tissue, a tissue, we all go barmy

In any household where there is a cat, one thing takes precedence over all others…

The cat! (No prizes for guessing that one.)

Our own household is, in that regard, no different from any other.

Being in charge of the cat food cupboard, Shana is usually up a little earlier than I in order to feed Smoky. After he has eaten, she will then play with him for a while, as he tends to be at his liveliest in the mornings. This morning was typical, except that Shana managed to get photographic proof of just how daft Smoky can be.

One of Smoky’s favourite things is tissue paper. It may be the rustling sound, the soft comfortable texture, or just the sheer ease of rippability. (Who can fathom the feline mind?) Anyway, combine a sheet of tissue paper with a knitting needle or crochet hook (preferably wooden, and also long so as to be safer for whoever is on the other end of it 🙂 ) and you have a recipe for one crackpot kitty. Dives and pounces galore. And all only minutes after the first meal of the day. What energy! He makes that Duracell bunny look like a slacker 🙂

I am Smoky, hear me rustle
I am Smoky, hear me rustle
I peep, therefore I am
Ready, Steady, Pounce!
Attention, this vehicle is reversing…

And last but not least,

Does my bum look big in this?

2 thoughts on “A tissue, a tissue, we all go barmy

  1. Betty

    I suspect Smokey and our Raja are related! There is a special place in the hall covered in tissue paper when daily stuff ensues, including but not limited wearing said paper.

    Liked by 1 person

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