The first of a hundred waistcoats

I am now the proud (also toasty πŸ™‚ ) owner of a woollen waistcoat that Shana has spent quite a while knitting. Shana certainly had her work cut out for her, what with having to put the knitting to one side for some considerable time, due to a mega spell of mystery illness. It was a sizable task too as, without giving away my waistcoat measurements, I can safely say I am definitely not a size zero. (Or even single figures, come to that πŸ™‚ )

I won’t say too much for fear of causing a stampede, because now I have one, everyone will want one. However, I did help to choose the colours. The back panel is a sort of variegated light and dark brown (made from Emu yarn, no less) and the front is in a lighter contrasting hue.

As usual, when Shana has made me something, whether small or large, I often say, ‘Excellent. I’ll take a hundred of them please.’ This is a risky strategy though. One day, Shana may take me at my word and what will we do then? Only one thing for it: we’ll have to get our own flock of sheep and I’ll have to look up instructional vids on how to shear them!


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