Rug: a note to self

After we swapped our furniture round recently the one snag we found was that the rear living area (aka the ‘library’), although cosy enough, was not properly carpeted.

Last week we took delivery of our new rug (dimensions and pics to follow in due course on this post) and all is now not only cosy but toasty underfoot as well. Happy bunnies all 🙂

We joke sometimes about having underfloor heating, so you might wonder why a rug was necessary at all. However, our underfloor heating is a bit of a strange system. Waffle Towers is, strictly speaking, a mansionette which sprawls over both the first and second floor. Activating our kind of underfloor heating would therefore consist of running out into the bitterly cold, dashing downstairs to the ground floor apartment, and asking the occupants to crank up their radiators a bit higher, in the hope that, as hot air rises it might also percolate through their ceiling and our floor into our antique linoleum.

Easier, when all said and done, to buy a rug. Shana’s idea, of course. Brains of the operation etc etc 🙂


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