Scrabble weirdness continued today, following on from our recent drawn games. We always dip into the tile bag to decide who puts down the first word. Whoever pulls out the tile closest to A is the one who starts. Today we both drew a blank tile. There are only two in the set, so we dipped into the bag for a second time. This time I won. No more than I deserved though, I thought. ‘Actually, your blank tile was a Z,’ I quipped, ‘whereas mine was an A. Just thought I should point that out.’ πŸ™‚

Shana had the last word this afternoon though. She’d already had HUsTLER but I was chuffed to score a whole 79 points at once by placing MINXES down from a triple word score (with the X landing on a double letter bonus) and thereby pluralising Shana’s earlier BINDER. I looked set to waltz away with this afternoon’s Scrabble laurels, when Shana suddenly cleared out all her remaining tiles with QUISLING. She has a habit of giving two sharp raps on the table with her wooden tile rack whenever she uses up all her letters. One day she’ll get splinters doing that! πŸ™‚



2 thoughts on “Quisling

  1. A great use for an unusual word there – well done Shana! Lol
    Every time I read of your games, I become nostalgic for the marathom Scrabble games my family used to play every winter – though the Monopoly games lasted the longest in our house πŸ™‚

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