My Pi day mow

Today, March 14, has been dubbed ‘Pi’ day by geeky people all over the world. It’s because the mathematical constant pi is 3.14 (actually, it’s a bit more than that πŸ™‚ ) and today’s date (when written US style) is 3/14. If Britain still ruled the world (hahahahahah) we would write the date as 14/3 and all those celebrating pi would be left hi and dri.So there. Put that in you pi(pe) and smoke it!

Anyhow, what did we do to mark pi day?

Simple: I mowed the lawn.

Say what??? πŸ™‚

To recap: I mowed the lawn. Mowing is a lot like the number pi when you think about it. Pi goes on apparently for ever, without getting to even three-and-a-half, never mind four; and the lawn goes on growing for ever, without a week’s rest all through the growing season.

And talking of going on for ever, our simple non-motorised push mower also seems to be virtually immortal, with only a slight whimper at the first mowing of the year, when the grass is a little thicker than I might otherwise like.

Of course, I briefly forgot it was Pi day and thought it was Pie day instead. Which probably explains why I made such a meal out of this morning’s mowing and had to fix a couple of bolts on our machine before success could be achieved.

Our push mower has been going for nine years now and has outlived everyone else’s mower around here. Hover mowers come and go, but low-tech lives forever.


3 thoughts on “My Pi day mow

  1. I have to agree with you vis-a-vis the non-tech mower πŸ™‚
    My father-in-law used the same mower for most of his married life (which was for a considerable number of years) and, when it finally went to mower heaven, rather than buy a real techie alternative, he cropped the lawn with shears!
    Now that’s what I called dedication (and the M-I-L called sheer daft-headedness!) Lol
    As for Pi – it never was my favourite while sweating through my math classes! πŸ™‚


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