Whoopee cat!

Advice to cat ‘owners’ everywhere. Never EVER laugh at your cat. It’s not dignified for them and it will only result in them having a hissy fit or taking umbrage or something of that sort.

That said, sometimes you just can’t help it…

As I’ve probably mentioned elsewhere on this blog, Smoky is a big fan of tissue paper, newspaper, and anything that rustles. He also likes to chase, catch, and ‘kill’ pieces of string, yarn or other assorted cordage.

Oh, and he likes squeaky mice. He has three of them, which we actually bought for our own amusement long before we ever thought of getting a cat. Make of that what you will πŸ™‚

This evening I put one of his squeaky mice under a sheet of brown packing paper. He even saw me do it, but was not in ‘play’ mode at the time.

We were drinking our evening cup of tea later when Smoky ambled past, trying to look cool and nonchalant as per usual. When he arrived at the brown paper he chose to sit down promptly. And caused the mouse beneath to squeak. It was as if he had landed on a whoopee cushion. Needless to say, he did not look amused, and could not understand why we howled with laughter at his little faux pas. Shana almost (not quite, but almost) sprayed tea over the rug, like some kind of human tea-drinking Karcher pressure washer. Luckily, she managed to laugh without drenching Smoky with Ringtons finest. Sometimes, I wonder if Smoky is, in his own way, having a good old chortle at us. Wouldn’t blame him if he did πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Whoopee cat!

  1. I had to laugh as I read this – hubby made the dreadful mistake of laughing at our Kushka today, and paid for it with a lacerated hand later on, when he believed she just wanted a tummy rub!
    I wonder who’s laughing now? Lol

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