Health & Safety Issues

Just found this in the pictures I digitised from my dad’s slides, well tried to digitise, the slides are in an appalling condition.


Yes the picture is the right way up, yes I am upside down in a kids playground and YES that is concrete underneath my head. I’m not sure what happened after the picture was taken, but being dropped on my head as a kid would explain an awful lot!!

PS: Please do not try this at home!!


4 thoughts on “Health & Safety Issues

      1. In my 30’s I was too busy helping hubby cut down and log trees, to want to volunteer to do dangerous stuff like hanging upside down! Lol
        My virtigo had started by then, so staying upright made me feel giddy enough 🙂
        When you were a kid, did you ever hang on to the edge bar of a roundabout, and lean out as far as you could while it was spinning?

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