Classic Cars

I’ve always been curious about what happened to our old family cars, I found a site called RegArchive, no it’s nothing to do with archiving Reg, it’s a database you can search to see if you can find your old car. Sadly no information for any of my dad’s old cars could be found, so as it has the option to upload a photo with the registration, that’s just what I did. Here are the 5 pics, maybe one day someone will come forward and say they restored one of these old classic cars!




3 thoughts on “Classic Cars

  1. I really love those old cars. They may not have all the fancy-pants stuff in them that cars today have, but they surely had oodles of character 🙂
    The first car I ever drove was a Ford Anglia – I loved that angle-box! Lol

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    1. Like with a lot of modern stuff, it’s all too techy for me, I actually never learned to drive officially, but unofficially I drove around with ‘L’ plates for a while!! My car of choice would be a VW Beetle, love those cars, used to make beach buggies when I was young!

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