Go faster snail

After a short shower of rain this afternoon, Shana spotted one of the local snails on the outside of our kitchen window. Presumably he just wanted to come in for a cup of tea and to get out of the wet. Or perhaps I’m anthropomorphising too much. If he/she/it had a Geordie accent, I might have named him Jimmy Snail. Shana, however, had a better idea, and got an excellent snap of our visitor before a) the camera battery fizzled out and b) the snail raced off at lightning speed (I’m not joking; those whirls and lines on his shell can be no other than go-faster stripes πŸ™‚ ). Honestly, people think snals are slow, but they’d beat a Capri Ghia any day of the week!



2 thoughts on “Go faster snail

    1. lol I think all our snails hang out on the kitchen windowsill !! There should be even more pics in the future, I’ve bought a back-up battery for the camera!!


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