Can you name three famous Albanians?

The four-yearly football competition known as the Euros started yesterday in France. This evening we were busy not watching it, but playing Scrabble instead. The telly was on in the background with the sound muted.

‘There’s not much on tv tonight,’ said Shana, ‘So I can put the football on if you like. It’ll be something to glance at between putting words down.’

‘Who’s playing?’ I said.

‘Nobody much,’ said Shana. ‘Just Albania versus Switzerland.’

‘So who’re we going to cheer on then,’ I asked.

‘Gotta be Albania,’ said Shana, ‘Because Switzerland have Roger Federer.’ I should explain, shouldn’t I? People have some odd ways of choosing a team to support when their home side isn’t in action. It could be something as simple as the colour of the kit, or that one of the players has an unusual hairstyle. In Shana’s case, she has never been a huge fan of tennis superstar Federer. So that rules out any hope of her support for the entire Swiss nation. I felt I just had to fight their corner:

‘But the Swiss make some of the world’s best chocolate,’ I said. ‘And don’t forget their legendary cuckoo clocks.Tell me, Shana, what has Albania ever given to the world, huh?

Quick as a flash, Shana replied:


Serves me right for asking, I suppose 🙂

I bet she couldn’t name three famous Albanians though, I do vaguely recall reading something about a King Zog years ago, if that’s any help. Anyway, here’s a list of Albanians if you’re bothered. As the American’s might say, Knock yourself out!


2 thoughts on “Can you name three famous Albanians?

  1. You’re not said. You’re…er…dedicated 🙂 As for classical music, I know only a little about it, but I can think of at leat two Albanian composers. Ready? How about ALBinoni, and ALBeniz? (How am I doing? 🙂 )


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