Halogen oven hardboiled eggs. Delicious!

Unless you work in a restaurant kitchen, you don’t usually have to wear any special clothing when doing a spot of cooking. Maybe an apron, or perhaps (if you’re round at my sister-in-law’s place) something fireproof πŸ™‚ But as a rule, your general everyday clobber is normally fine.

This lunchtime though, was an exception.

(Lab coats at the ready…)

Shana had decided to do an experiment!

And it involved eggs. So forget the lab coats, and substitute flak jackets and tin helmets. Because we (well, I) were expecting a weapon that even the good old USSR never had back in the Cold War era:

Eggshell shrapnel.

Yes, Shana had been scouring the Web and had found a way to do hard-boiled eggs without using any water.

Luckily, she was not using the microwave. No, Shana cooked one single solitary experimental egg on a wire rack in our Tower halogen oven (aka an Air Fryer). Ten minutes later and we were tucking into one of the best hard-boiled eggs either of us had probably ever had. Beautiful golden yolk. Wonderful rich taste.

From now on there’ll be no messing about with getting a pan of water to a rolling boil and trying to avoid splashes, From now on, our hardboiled eggs will all be done in the halogen oven. Shana’s experiment had been a total success.

I’m keeping the flak jacket and tin helment though. Might even construct a nucular bunker at Waffle Towers, just in case the Russkies suddenly decide to bombard us with twenty thousand free range ones πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Halogen oven hardboiled eggs. Delicious!

  1. That’s one thing i nevr tried when we had a Halogen Oven – I probably would have kept it if I’d known about this – the search for that perfect hard-boiled egg i almost as tough as finding a decent pork and beef sausage nowadays! Lol

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    1. Don’t know when you had your halogen oven, but the prices might be even less now than when they first came out, if you were thinking of getting another.

      Meanwhile, I’m trying to imagine what kind of tasty chimera a pork and beef sausage is made from Something with a curly tail at one end and a big MOO at the other perhaps πŸ™‚

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      1. Lol
        These were the sausages of my childhood in London, and they don’t seem to exist any more, unfortunately 😦
        I’ve tried 100’s of different types ever since, but haven’t come anywhere near the flavour of the ones I grew up with and loved :/

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