Heeeeeeere’s Smoky!


This is our dear little cat, Smoky.

Correction: This is our dear medium-sized cat, Smoky. (Well, he does enjoy his kibbles, even though, in his defence, I do make a point of saying ‘I don’t know where he puts them.’ πŸ™‚ )

Smoky has been with us for just over four years, although he is actually about nine years old. A superannuated kitten if ever there was one. When he has a mind to behave like one, that is; otherwise, he’s just a superannuated lazybones. (Now who does that remind me of?)

Anyway, as Shana’s photo clearly shows, he can be a bit untidy at times. There he is, upside down with all three legs in the air. Yes, that did say ‘three’. He lost the other (hind) leg in a fight with a car some time before we adopted him. He can still shift quite fast though.

Smoky’s favourite sport (apart from nomming) is spider hunting. He’s such a softy though: all he does is pat them on the head o_O

Go and marvel at Smoky’s dashing good looks and magnificent whiskers in his very own picture gallery. (Just click on ‘Smoky’ at the top of the page.) But be warned: you might end up suffering from cutesy overload.


3 thoughts on “Heeeeeeere’s Smoky!

  1. I want him!!!
    Give him to me (but don’t tell Kushka, as I’m hoping she won’t notice another cat in the house!)
    Do you think I could have him, and pretend to Kushka that I’m just looking after him temporarily?
    . . . . . . . . . . . .nah! I don’t think so either 😦


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