The BIG Pizza Crisis

It’s never easy ordering groceries online, you can never be sure exactly what the size of a product may be. Just because it says 14″ Pizza, it’s not easy to visualise, ok maybe 14″ should have rung alarm bells, but it didn’t, and I ordered it *facepalm*

When it arrived I nearly fainted, it was about the size of a small dining table and there was no way it was going to fit in our Halogen oven. At this point I should have handed it back and said I’d ordered the wrong size, but I’d been drooling over the idea of a pizza for days and there was no way in hell I was going without.

So dinner time arrived, I looked at the pizza, measured it against the oven…yup, several inches too big. I could fold it in half…not an option, so I cut it up into pieces, then some more littler pieces, and finally I created a patchwork of pizza…result!

With a bit of jiggling up and down to ensure all the pieces were cooked, I finally served the pizza…in pieces…lots of pieces…but damn it tasted good πŸ˜›

BIG pizza


15 thoughts on “The BIG Pizza Crisis

    1. Oooh you’re showing your age, LP’s??!!

      Your side order of chips were still in the freezer, you ate the pizza in one go sideways as it was LOL!! πŸ˜›


  1. Funnily enough, Bob and I ordered some pizzas from our online shop last week πŸ™‚
    I bought the box of 2 Chicago Town Deep Dish Pizza’s – a perfect size for 1 each – and they would fit in your Halogen Oven without needing to break them up πŸ™‚

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              1. Me neither πŸ™‚
                I don’t mind adding it to beef dishes, such as Bolognese, if I’m out of Worsestershire Sauce, but that’s about it for me – although I have to admit it tastes quite good, in small doses, with a bacon butty πŸ™‚

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