Delivery Blues

I’ve just got to have a moan.

If I order something from the Argos website, delivery is £3.95, same day delivery, or a day of my choosing. It works well and makes me a happy customer.

If I order something from Tesco Direct, delivery is cheaper, only £3.00. When can you expect delivery? No idea. I put an order in a few days ago, it’s still being processed. I could have paid £5.95 for express delivery, but that’s £2 dearer than Argos, so I stuck with the £3.00 option. Not a happy customer.

The question is this, if Argos can offer such a damn good delivery service for only £3.95, why can’t Tesco? Their delivery service is without doubt, one of the worst.

So dear reader you may be asking why I didn’t order from Argos, well they don’t take Tesco Clubcard vouchers!!


6 thoughts on “Delivery Blues

  1. As someone who shops for practically everything online, I have to agree with you 🙂
    There are so many different amounts charged, and normally for the same, or similar, item, that I’ll never understand how one company can charge so much more than another – although ‘greed’ is probably nearer the reason than anything :/

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    1. It always annoy me when a company offers free delivery on orders OVER say £25 or £30, quite often my purchases are tiny amounts, often less than the delivery charge. I’m pretty sure that most companies can absorb free delivery. And for the record, the Tesco delivery arrived yesterday, nothing exciting, a new loo seat !! We always make a note of deliveries we’re expecting on our chalkboard, Chris wrote it down as “Loose at”, took me a while to work that one out lol 😀


      1. I have to agree with you, especially about the postage!
        I’ve often gone online to buy a couple of balls of a particular colour that I’ve run out of, only to find that the postage costs as much as the yarn – or that they are offering it free if I spend over £25 – which would be fine if I were ordering lots of it. But instead, I then pay more for the yarn than if I’d shopped locally – which I can’t do, being bed-bound 😦

        I often find notes from Bob with the same quality – at least it gives me a laugh 🙂

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        1. I’m housebound too, I don’t think companies realise that there are those of us who have no choice but to shop online, they really should be more considerate, that’s why I spend literally hours shopping around for the best prices / delivery charges.

          If I leave notes on the chalkboard, it’s usually as a drawing, my balls of yarn are a work of art lol !! 😀

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          1. I bet your drawings are works of art! 🙂

            It doesn’t surprise me that companies don’t think of us – after all, New Labour (or Tory-Lite, as I like to call them), and the Tories, have made sure that, if anyone thinks of us at all, especially of our situations as being totally house-bound, then we’d be put in a category of ‘Not needed to be pandered to’ 😦

            When you consider how much of what money we have is spent on companies that do online shopping, there are probably thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of us having to shop this way – so they’re missing out on a few tricks to draw us in as regular shoppers, and going P&P free would be one of the better ways :/

            I actually saw a health article online yesterday, spouting the health benefits of getting off our backsides, and actually visiting stores to shop, rather than doing it online – not once did the article mention those who were unable to do so – as if we choose to be house-bound, rather than our health-problems being the cause of the problem!

            It makes me so angry at times! Grrrrrr

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