Scrabble humdinger

Wednesday evening’s Scrabble game was a humdinger, with no fewer than four seven-letter words.

Unfortunately, I had only one of them. Shana got the other three. They were, with the usual lowercase letter indicating the crafty use of a blank tile, as follows: UTILISE (that was mine 🙂 ),UNSATED, INACTIoN, and MINERAL.

The scores were 388 to me and a whopping 493 to Shana.  However, I have a dastardly plan involving ‘Fluffbert’ (our mini-vacuum cleaner) and one or two ‘stray’ tiles.  It’s either that or, as I am in charge of the scoresheets, perhaps a little of that famous ‘Hollywood accounting’ when it comes to totting up time.

The stakes are high though. I might end up eating bread crusts every meal for a week if my ruse fails 🙂


One thought on “Scrabble humdinger

  1. Well done Shana (and well done for the word score, Chris) 🙂
    I used to play scrabble against an elderly lady who won every single time – because she was a consumate cheat! Lol
    I think you should think of your stomach, Chris, and just be resigned to being beaten by a superior wordsmith 🙂


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