The Monolith Hath Arrived

Good title there for those with lithpth. Yea verily, all are welcome at Waffle Towers 🙂

Modern technology. Its advantages cannot be denied. But there are a few downsides that are seldom discussed. Here is just a small selection:

1. The gradual shrinking of the mobile phone or ‘cellphone’. To be honest, me and mobiles don’t go back very far, but in the early days (ie, mid-1980s) your average cellphone was about the size of a house brick. Ideal for use, if the need should arise, as a doorstopper. Now? Well, phones are about as wafer thin as one of those after-dinner mints. These days they’d just slide underneath the door and have no stopping power at all.

2. Flat screen televisions.  They’ve been around for years, but we got our first one only just over a year ago. Not a reat big plasma or anything like that. And we had, to be fair, already chosen a flat-screen computer monitor some considerable time before that. But back to those slimline tellies. Yes, they save acres of space and weigh little more than a couple of bags of sugar. But come Christmas and all those greetings cards you have to find room for and you’re stuck. In the old days you could just line them up on top of the old gogglebox, but now  it’d be like balancing them on a tightrope. More techie headaches.

3. Ginormous fridge-freezers. Strangely enough, we took delivery of one this morning (yes, on a Sunday). It stands a full two metres high. Even I can’t comfortably reach up to put things on top. And here’s why it matters. Until today, we were running a separate fridge and freezer. The old fridge had needed to be stood on top of a two-foot high sturdy table, because the electric flex was too short to reach the nearest socket. But no worries, because not only could we use the shelf of that little table for all sorts of things (mainly mineral water bottles) but we could also easily use the top of the fridge as a space for our breakfast cereals. Ten boxes, including some tough airtight containers for industrial quantities of bran 🙂 All in all, about two-and-three-quarter square feet of space. And now? We have to rejig half the kitchen because the new fridge-freezer is like the Incredible Hulk of refrigeration. It might be white, rather than black, but Shana insists on calling it The Monolith. I think she’s seen 2001: A Space Odyssey too many times 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Monolith Hath Arrived

  1. I have every sympathy for your problems, Chris – it seems the newer the technology, the more it costs, and the smaller it gets so, when phones become the size of a 1st Class stamp, I reckon that’s when they’ll be put into our heads! Lol

    We actually bought our first flat-screen TV a couple of years back, and that was only because Bob couldn’t see the screen of our old clunker anymore, and the shop was having a sale on this larger-screened TV 🙂

    At the moment, in our kitchen, we’ve got a Larder fridge, a Larder freezer, an under-the-counter freezer, and a chest freezer – it’s not surprising we’ve no room to turn around, here at Chez Nightowl – I think that, despite the loss of space on top, when we replace this lot, I’ll be happy to have a monolith like your’s 🙂


      1. I wish! Lol

        We actually live only half a mile from the sea now so, when it does snow, we tend to get it only briefly settling, then the salty air soon gets rid of it for us. Whereas, when we used to live a few miles inland, we were often snowed-in in the winter, though not for long enough to forgo a freezer, I must say 🙂
        I’m glad we live right by the main road now, purely for that reason alone 🙂


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