I have got to have a moan.

A couple of months ago we decided to sell our redundant Halogen Heaters, 2 of them for a tenner. No takers. So we shoved them back into storage.

Two days ago we decided to list them for FREE, under the FREEBIES section of the classifieds. I was immediately inundated with a flood of emails, well just a few, all asking if the heaters were FREE. At this point there was much gnashing of teeth. I replied to the first, telling them where we are and asking them to confirm a time, heard nothing all day.

So late last night I emailed the second interested person, they said they were still interested but were no longer in town, could I deliver. No. Move on to the next enquirer.

Again I told the person where we are, asked them to confirm a time. Silence. Nothing. Nada. Then eventually an email asking what time was best for me, I gave them a time. Silence again. I have no idea if they’re collecting them or not.

Dammit, we’re giving away 2 FREE Halogen Heaters, how hard can it be for someone, anyone, to turn up and collect them.

Even more gnashing of teeth.

If no one collects by the end of today they’ll go back in storage and damn well rot until they’re not usable by anyone.

End of moan.

Update 6.00pm – The heaters have finally been collected, the young man was most apologetic, actually shook my hand to say thank you, then sent me an email to say thank you again. All is well with the world. 🙂


4 thoughts on “FREE

  1. We had a similar situation with a sofa.

    We put it in the local swapshop for £10 – yes, £10!

    Despite it being in excellent condition, and being a fairly neutral burgundy colour, there were no takers, so we left it a week or two, then advertised again, this time with it being free to the first takers.

    Like you, we had enquiries, with all of them asking if it were free, despite us making that perfectly clear – then nobody coming to take it, despite 3 people saying they wanted it.

    We then offered it to a charity who helps people furnish their homes if they’re on benefits – and they said no, because the fireproof label had come off when Bob hoovered it – and we still had the label but, because it wasn’t actually attached any more, they said they had to refuse because of the rules (they never told us what rules, or who had made them)!

    We then ended up paying the council to take a perfectly good sofa to the dump – how stupid is that? Talk about a throwaway society! 😦

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    1. sighs I give up in despair, it seems to me that people want stuff for free, but it’s got to be virtually brand new. At least the heaters finally went, as I added in the PS,

      If we’ve got anything to get rid of in future, it’s going straight to the tip, I’m not going through all the aggro of trying to sort it out.

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      1. I don’t blame you – it feels like there are so few people who value things, especially used items, nowadays 😦
        It really has become a throwaway society, and just when we really do need to reuse, and refurbish, everything we can!
        It’s as if people have turned a blind eye to all the waste, just when all of the natural resources in the world are starting to run out, isn’t it? 😦

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