Scrabble outranks all other games

This evening’s Scrabble game was one to remember, so I thought I’d make a note of it before I forgot πŸ™‚

We both had a seven-letter word. For Shana it was OUTRANKS (netting a measly 70 points), and for me it was OXIDiSE, worth a colossal 104.

Other notable high points were Shana’s placing of BROWS into the top right triple word square (TWS) followed not long aftwerwards by my extending it into EYEBROWS, thereby taking advantage of the top centre TWS.

Shana’s last go saw her adding an R to my ‘SCARE’ to make SCARER and also using that final R as the last letter of FOUR, thus getting 57 points by using the bottom centre TWS from both directions. Nice πŸ™‚

I closed with a whole five points all at once, with the word AIR.

Scores were 421 for Shana and 437 for moi. This is the first time in a good long while that we have both scored over 400 points each, and with such a slim winning margin we often class such a game as a virtual if not an actual draw. Tonight’s game was all the more remarkable as it was played with both of us feeling a bit under the weather, I with an annoying pulled muscle somewhere between my head and my feet (sorry readers, but I must invoke patient confidentiality on this occasion πŸ™‚ ) and Shana with Delhi belly or some such lurgy, after eating too much pork pie this afternoon. Such niggles can of course affect one’s memtal faculties and hence one’s Scrabble skills into the bargain. This evening however, I think we coped superbly. I shall therefore award us both a gold star each πŸ™‚


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