In case you’re a new reader to this blog, or if you’ve been here before but just haven’t explored all we have to offer, I should just mention…

We have a cat. Click on the word ‘Smoky’ on the top menu and you can see his gallery of pictures. And my, what a handsome fellow he is!

Unfortunately, we have yet to decide which is his ‘best side’. Today’s first photo though, definitely shows his LARGEST side πŸ™‚


Not all Smoky’s fault though. Thing is, Shana wanted to take some photos of her latest lace knitting creation, cleverly titled ‘Whysteria‘. And as I had been pottering around with some gouache (or, in my case, more likely ‘gauche‘) paints the day before and had not tidied up, the dining table was, for photography purposes, out of commission. Therefore, Shana threw a white cloth over the top platform of Smoky’s set of steps, via which he usually accesses his window seat. (Otherwise, it’s an impossible leap for him.) The cloth kept the lace sample away from any cat hair that might be on the stops, and provided a good background for the lilac yarn.

And, with perfect timing, Smoky chose that very moment when Shana had just set up her shots, to bound onto his steps and sit there as if nothing was amiss. He has such a quizzical look when he chooses, just like he was saying ‘Yarn? I haven’t seen any yarn.’


In the clouds and silver linings department though, at least we know who to go to in future if any of Shana’s yarn pieces needs…

A firm pressing! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Yarnsitting

  1. He really is a gorgeous boy, isn’t he?
    Mind you, my Kushka has a rear about the same size as his (don’t tell her I told you, though, as she’s got a habit of paying me back just when I’ve forgotten to worry! Lol)


    1. Smoky thanks you for your mention of his gorgeousness. Naturally, he agrees with all such conmpliments πŸ™‚
      When taking pics of our respective kitties, it might be a good idea NOT to use such things as a wide-angle lens. Best stick to the front end, where they can show off their magnificent whiskers πŸ™‚

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