Our pound shop star buy from way back in 2003 was an inflatable skeleton whom we named Ezra. On Halloween this year he will be a mighty THIRTEEN years old. This means he will be a ‘skele-teen’ πŸ™‚ He puts his longevity down to not smoking, drinking only in moderation, never using a knife or fork. And most importantly, steering well clear of…


Happy birthday, Ezra πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Skeleteen

    1. Not sure how well our Ezra would be received at your local shop. He might be a bit too scary for some. As a minor ‘celebrity’, Ezra was considering hiring himself out doing stuff like, for example., opening supermarkets etc. But when we told him it would involve cutting tape with…SCISSORS…he, er,, fainted πŸ™‚

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