The Wonder Game

We are currently taking a break from our regular evening games of Scrabble because something mysterious emerged from the cupboard on our upstairs landing.

Yes, I know it all sounds like some far-tetched Hallowe’en frightfest (could it be a hidden zombie had secreted itself up there and then crept out and devoured our Scrabble board?) but the truth is more mundane. I was busy pootling in the upstairs cupboard a while ago, rearranging the dust (as you do 🙂 ) when I found Lexicon, an old word game that Shana had kept from donkey’s years ago and half-forgotten. Apparently it was games manufacturer Waddingtons’ first ever offering, after which they managed to snap up Monopoly (and the rest is history, as they say).

Shana’s edition of Lexicon dates back to the late 1950s, although she would not have acquired it till the ’60s or ’70s.

Lexicon has proved to be easy to grasp, highly addictive, faster paced than Scrabble, and with an emphasis not on scoring highly but on getting rid of your cards by making longer words rather than lots of little two-letter ones. Whoever is left holding unused cards must add their values together and take that as their score. First to score a hundred is the loser.

We are fine with the words, but we do forget who is supposed to be dealing. Shana came up with an ingenious solution: whoever is the dealer takes a pair of artificial holly berries joined by a short length of wire. (These are a leftover from a festive project we were working on a year or two ago.) We have dubbed these the ‘dealer bobbles’. And, as if you have not had enough excitement already today, feast your mince pies on these 🙂


Lexicon letter distribution info follows for anyone who wants to compare and contrast Lexicon with Scrabble.

Lexicon uses a pack of 52 cards

Letter x   Quantity =  Value
A x 4 = 10
B x 1 =  2
C x 1 =  8
D x 1 =  6
E x 4 = 10
F x 1 =  2
G x 1 =  4
H x 3 = 8
I x 4 =  10
J x 1 =  6
K x 1 = 8
L x 3 = 8
M x 1 = 8
N x 1 = 8
O x 3 = 8
P x 1 = 8
Q x 1 = 4
R x 3 = 8
S x 3 = 8
T x 3 = 8
U x 3 = 8
V x 1 = 6
W x 3 = 8
X x 1 = 2
Y x 1 = 4
Z  x 1 = 2
MASTER x 1 = 15 (This card is like the blank in Scrabble and can represent any letter the player chooses. But if you get stuck with it, it will cost you a hefty fifteen points!)



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